Your Pink Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure issues answered

Your Pink Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure issues answered

In mid-2017, Pink Hat Inc. entered the HCI market with the Pink Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure platform. Utilizing the existing open source program in the Pink Hat playbook, the company crafted a suite of solutions that allows shoppers to deploy HCI on existing hardware or hardware purchased precisely for a Pink Hat HCI implementation.

The Pink Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure platform is at first aimed at corporations with remote destinations. Pink Hat touts the gains of preventing vendor lock-in, as properly as a lower price tag to entry than a prepackaged HCI equipment. Having said that, program-only HCI platforms these as Pink Hat’s can confirm extra intricate than all those offered bundled on a tuned equipment.

Just one matter Pink Hat has heading for it is that its purchaser foundation is utilised to working with open source program, which includes the firm’s own Pink Hat Organization Linux (RHEL) OS. So, the profit of a lot easier management that will come with HCI appliances is significantly less important than it may possibly be to companies not working with Pink Hat’s solutions already.

What hypervisor does Pink Hat’s HCI suite use?

Not surprisingly, the company utilizes the open source Kernal-primarily based Virtual Device (KVM) hypervisor for its Pink Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure platform. KVM works with Linux-primarily based servers, which will make it in shape properly with Pink Hat’s RHEL server OS.

What is the least amount of servers Pink Hat suggests for its HCI platform?

Pink Hat involves a least of 3 servers to offer you the compute and storage sources to any virtual machines (VMs). The company claims a medium make would be six servers, just about every acquiring two six-CPU cores, at minimum 128 GB of RAM and up to sixty four TB of storage house.

How does Pink Hat virtualize its storage sources?

The Pink Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure platform utilizes open source dispersed file process GlusterFS to virtualize storage. The file process results in a pool of obtainable storage and presents it up via remote direct memory access by way of both TCP/IP or InfiniBand protocols. Pink Hat purchased Gluster — the developer of GlusterFS — in 2011.

Just one of the hallmarks of HCI is ease of management and installation. How does the Pink Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure platform carry out that?

While the identify will come from a science fiction conversation gadget, Pink Hat utilizes Ansible technologies to handle HCI configuration, management and deployment. Ansible utilizes founded “roles” termed Pink Hat Process Roles to consistently take care of nodes.

What are the core factors of Pink Hat HCI?

There are 4 principal factors in Pink Hat HCI. They are RHEL for the server OS, Pink Hat Virtualization (RHV) to handle the development and management of virtual desktops and servers, GlusterFS for storage and Ansible to deploy and take care of the entire platform.

What other companies present program-only HCI solutions?

The major supplier of HCI program is VMware with its vSphere stack primarily based on vSAN. And though Nutanix started out providing only branded HCI appliances, it now will make its HCI program obtainable as a constrained-scale no cost down load. Nutanix also sells its program bundled on hardware from the major x86 server vendors.

Pivot3 and Maxta promote program-only HCI techniques that consumers can put in on existing hardware, assuming that hardware meets just about every firm’s reference demands. Each companies also promote their program preinstalled on existing appliances.

Is Pink Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure obtainable for cloud implementations?

In June, 2018, Pink Hat unveiled Pink Hat HCI for Cloud, primarily based on the latest Pink Hat OpenStack Platform and Ceph storage. Pink Hat OpenStack works for the community or private cloud like RHV does for the organization, generating pools of virtualized storage and compute sources. In the scenario of Pink Hat HCI for Cloud, the VMs are deployed on a community or private cloud.

What is the meant market for Pink Hat HCI?

Pink Hat officers say that the market for its HCI solutions is the remote business office/branch business office market. Precisely, Pink Hat claims it has focused the financial providers, retail and vitality sectors.

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