You Can Bypass Authentication on HPE iLO4 Servers With 29 “A” Figures

You Can Bypass Authentication on HPE iLO4 Servers With 29 “A” Figures


Information and public exploit code have been posted on-line for a serious vulnerability impacting Hewlett Packard Built-in Lights-Out 4 (HP iLO 4) servers.

HP iLO products are very preferred amid tiny and large enterprises alike. iLO cards can be embedded in frequent computers. They have a separate Ethernet community link and run a proprietary embedded server management technological know-how that provides out-of-band management characteristics, making it possible for sysadmins to control computers from afar.

iLO cards enable sysadmins to put in firmware remotely, reset servers, provide obtain to a remote console, go through logs, and much more.

A vulnerability in iLO cards can be applied to crack into numerous companies’ networks and possibly gain obtain to hugely sensitive or proprietary facts.

Silly-basic exploit observed in HP iLO4 servers

Last year, a trio of security researchers uncovered this kind of a vulnerability, which they say it can be exploited remotely, by means of an Net link, placing all iLO servers exposed on-line at chance.

The vulnerability is an authentication bypass that enables attackers obtain to HP iLO consoles. Researchers say this obtain can later on be applied to extract cleartext passwords, execute destructive code, and even substitute iLO firmware.

But moreover becoming a remotely exploitable flaw, this vulnerability is also as effortless as it gets when it will come to exploitation, demanding a cURL request and 29 letter “A” people, as below:


Researchers posted two GIFs demonstrating how effortless is to bypass iLO authentication with their strategy, and how they were in a position to retrieve a regional user’s password in cleartext.

HP iLO bypass

HP iLO password extraction

Due to the fact of its simplicity and remote exploitation element, the vulnerability —tracked as CVE-2017-12542— has been given a severity rating of nine.8 out of 10.

Vulnerability patched previous year

But iLO server owners you should not have to have to worry. The security study group uncovered this vulnerability way back in February 2017 and notified HP with the enable of the CERT division at Airbus.

HP produced patches for CVE-2017-12542 in August previous year, in iLO 4 firmware variation 2.54. Technique administrators who’re in the pattern of routinely patching servers are most probable safeguarded in opposition to this bug for months.

The vulnerability impacts all HP iLO 4 servers functioning firmware variation 2.fifty three and in advance of. Other iLO generations, like iLO five, iLO 3, and much more are not influenced.

PoCs offered on-line

In the earlier couple of months, the study group has been presenting their findings at security conferences, this kind of as ReCon Brussels and SSTIC 2018.

The SSTIC 2018 speak is offered below, while the group introduced their findings in French. Slides and an in-depth study paper —in English— are also offered.

Because their presentations, the security group has created evidence-of-concept exploits that can leverage CVE-2017-12452 to gain obtain to HP iLO 4 servers and add a new administrator account. PoCs are offered below and below, and a Metasploit module is offered below.

The study group that uncovered this vulnerability is comprised of Fabien Périgaud from Synacktiv, Alexandre Gazet from Airbus, and impartial security researcher Joffrey Czarny.

The vulnerability uncovered by the 3 is rather related to the infamous “press Backspace 28 instances to bypass the Linux login monitor” bug that influenced many Linux distros that were working with the Grub2 bootloader.

Server Put in

Proxy Server

Server Put in

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