10 Jenkins quiz queries to take a look at your set up and config IQ

10 Jenkins quiz queries to take a look at your set up and config IQ

TheServerSide has been running a amount of introductory Jenkins tutorials these days, so it only looks fitting we’d take a look at you with a Jenkins quiz to see how substantially you have figured out.

10 Jenkins quiz queries

This Jenkins quiz focuses largely on the installation and configuration of the well known continual integration (CI) instrument, but we are also likely to check with some Jenkins queries that strike on the background and branding of the instrument as effectively. But if you know how to get your installation up and running, this Jenkins quiz should be as straightforward as a direct-pipe cinch.

Future Steps

Mastered Git?

Have you mastered Git? Then it’s possible it’s time to discover Jenkins. Verify out these straight-forward, step-by-step Jenkins CI tutorial that will take you from amateur to pro in a hurry.

Stage one — Download Jenkins and set up the CI instrument

Stage two — Make your very first Jenkins construct work tutorial

Stage 3 — Inject Jenkins natural environment variables into your scripts

Stage 4 — Correct annoying Jenkins plugin glitches

Stage 5 — Place the Jenkins vs Maven discussion powering you

Stage six — Learn to use Boolean and String Jenkins parameters

Stage 7 — Do a Jenkins Git plugin GitHub pull

Stage eight — Reinforce your information of the 5 fundamental Git instructions 

Dig Deeper on Java DevOps

Server Set up

Proxy Server

Server Set up

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