Speed Champions – Ferrari FXX K & Development Center

Speed Champions – Ferrari FXX K & Development Center

Join the engineers working in the development centre. Examine the latest engine blueprints and 3D car model in the test lab. Activate the wind tunnel’s rollers and turbine to test the Ferrari FXX K. Then, once you’ve checked all the data. Includes four minifigures: A Ferrari driver, two engineers and a technician This set features a development centre with a detailed test lab and wind tunnel, and a buildable LEGO Speed Champions version of the Ferrari FXX K car The test lab features assorted play-starting elements including a design board, computer monitors, blueprints for the engine, 3D printer, 3D car model and a design sketch of the FXX K on the wall Place the car in the wind tunnel featuring a rotating turbine and rolling road with functioning rollers The buildable Ferrari FXX K features a minifigure cockpit, wheels with rubber tires, and authentic details

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